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This is a quick sketch of a possible replacement police force for CHAZ or any place.

We are currently not utilizing our citizenry nor our technology. We should.

Parties can reach an accommodation — using tools that combine game theory, wisdom of the crowd, disintermediation, asymmetric negotiation, and AI-based intermediation.

In neighbor, tenant, employee, and family disputes, there tends to be a lot of emotion but not a lot of law. People end up calling the police, who have no way to assess the situation and are exhausted from fielding perhaps a…

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This applies to Seattle, Minneapolis and anywhere services have failed.

In response to a lawsuit from businesses, property owners, and residents in the area of CHAZ, Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle announced plans to remove roadblocks surrounding the occupied area of CHAZ, except those surrounding the East Precinct, which will remain in tact for continued demonstrations. The mayor met with organizers on site to “discuss the restoration of the Capitol Hill area” including the rights of residents and property-holders, and “long-term changes to transform policing”.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit have…

If you are in the camp that is okay to watch things continue to fall apart for the next four months so that Trump can’t take credit for a turnaround and win the election, I urge you to reconsider. We do not want to see what December 2020 looks like if this country does not start pulling in the right direction right away. Winter is cold, people are jobless, gunslingers of every kind are rioting and, as of last week, the days are getting shorter — there’s just no time to lose.

We have one shot to break through the…

The top three cruise corporations lost 80–90% of their value at the bottom of the stock market. Royal Caribbean has extended its covid cancellation policy out to 2022. Norwegian was rescued from possible bankruptcy last Wednesday. Carnival is failing to make lease deals, even though “interested parties will be asked to cover only the essential costs of the ship’s operations while in port.” Limited service is to resume in August, but several hundred ships capable of accommodating several hundred thousand people will likely sit empty for the rest of the year.

Today is perihelion of Comet 2I/Borisov, the second interstellar object ever observed inside our solar system. It was first spotted on Aug. 30, 2019 (4 months before nearest apsis to Earth) by Gennady Borisov, a comet hunter in Crimea.

NYT: Tracking Comet Borisov

Wikipedia: 2I/Borisov

NASA’s September announcement

Back in 2014, before any interstellar objects had been discovered, a JPL report on the Comet Hitchiker described a craft that could spear asteroids to achieve a fast trajectory to a wide range of destinations within the Solar System and also produce energy. The craft would include a tether — between 62…

This series is for a first-time builder. Please comment if you spot any errors or omissions or if something is inadequately explained — I’ll be happy to research the answer.

After watching me waste hours waiting for stuff to process on my laptop, my brother suggested investing in a desktop PC and, bright-eyed with his brand new CS degree, proposed we build it ourselves. The internet seemed to think this made sense.

Why building your own Deep Learning Computer is 10x cheaper than AWS

Building your own Deep Learning dream machine

The $1700 great Deep Learning box: Assembly, setup and…

Familiarize with the motherboard.

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with the motherboard so it’s worth getting to know. If you’re not going to read the whole motherboard manual in advance (actually I didn’t, though I practically had by the end of the build), at minimum read one page: Locate the page diagramming the motherboard. With the motherboard in front of you and google at your side, identify each element on your board. You don’t have to know what everything means. Just generally knowing where things are (especially the small front panel connectors) will speed the whole…

The build is surprisingly straightforward, but you’ll still probably encounter some kind of issue if it’s your first go-around. A note on troubleshooting: simple questions can lead to google-holes that get increasingly intimidating as you wade deeper and deeper into swamps of new jargon. In this case, just ask what to do next. I learned reddit is more noob-tolerant than stackexchange — people often answer within seconds.

Remove case panels.

Remove screws on front side panel to remove panel. If tempered glass, leave the plastic on the side panel until PC build is fully completed to avoid scratching the glass.

Set up desktop station.

Do not install the computer anywhere it is susceptible to inadequate airflow, dust, excessive temperatures (direct sunlight), high humidity, electro-magnetic interference (aka EMI; this includes powerful heating and air-conditioning fans or microwaves).

Some people say not to put a PC on carpet, though it seems that the danger of doing so may be hyped.

Moving your computer while it’s powered on can damage your hard drive so, once you choose a location, don’t move the PC unless everything is powered off. Leave the computer off for the next couple steps.

Plug in the monitor.

For now…

Security & Troubleshooting

Make separate Administrator and user accounts.

The account you regularly use should not be an Administrator account. (It is much easier to infect an account running as Administrator.) This can be managed in Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts\Manage Accounts.

Review Log Files

Run (Win + R) eventvwr.msc to open Event Viewer. Windows Logs and System > right-click System > Filter Current Log. Action > Save Log File As. Save the System and the Application event logs. Log numbers:

Shutdown and restart: 41, 1074, 6006, 6008


Be reasonable.

Don’t ask your computer to do things it can’t be expected to do. You…

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